Scott Data Center Case Study

Scott Data, a premier operator of traditional and high-performance Tier III Uptime Institute-certified data centers, is expanding its offerings with dedicated HPC solutions tailored for AI research and development, powered by Apolo AI platform.

“By integrating Apolo's AI Platform, Scott Data is positioned at the forefront of HPC for AI, offering our customers cutting-edge performance with seamless operational management.”

- Ken Moreano, President & CEO, Scott Data

The Opportunity.

The AI revolution demands a new class of computing infrastructure capable of handling the immense processing requirements of cutting-edge ML models. The partnership between Scott Data and Apolo addresses this need by delivering HPC solutions with an operational backbone that significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of AI deployments.

Scott Data's commitment to high-performance computing is exemplified by deploying NVIDIA's DGX H100 machines, designed to meet the most demanding AI and ML workloads. Scott Data ensures that Apolo's AI platform is deeply integrated with these clusters, providing clients with a robust and intuitive system to effectively manage their AI development lifecycle.

The Challenge.

The rapid advancement of AI technologies requires a specialized ecosystem that not only provides the necessary computational resources but also the infrastructure to manage these resources effectively. Traditional data centers must evolve to accommodate the unique demands of AI workloads without compromising on efficiency or sustainability.

The Solution.

  • Fine-tune and deploy your own proprietary or open-source GPT foundational models

  • Build advanced AI-enabled data processing pipelines

  • Future proof your infrastructure for controllable growth

Scott Data responds to this industry evolution by integrating Apolo's AI platform into its HPC offerings for AI. This integration represents a quantum leap in operational capability, allowing researchers and developers to easily access top-tier AI compute resources, manage workflows, and maintain data governance.

The platform's core features provide a competitive edge by offering:

  • Rapid provisioning of HPC resources tailored to AI applications

  • Streamlined workflow management for increased efficiency

  • Comprehensive lifecycle management of AI assets and artifacts

  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools for operational transparency

Additional features:

  • An advanced monitoring system to oversee the health and utilization of HPC resources

  • Enhanced security protocols ensuring the integrity of sensitive AI workloads

  • A collaborative platform enabling teams to innovate at the frontier of AI research

Together, Apolo and Scott Data are setting a new industry standard for HPC in the AI realm, fostering a synergistic environment where cutting-edge hardware meets sophisticated software, propelling the capabilities of AI forward.